Bloomlily® - The Future of Growing Lilies with Zabo Plant

Welcome to the Bloomlily® collection, brought to you by Zabo Plant, your trusted partner in exporting the finest lily bulbs. Bloomlily® is a brand that epitomizes the future of lily cultivation through cooperation and innovation among professional Dutch lily companies. Together, we are dedicated to developing, introducing, and producing the most sustainable lilies using advanced breeding, research, production, and marketing methods.

Why Choose Bloomlily®?

Sustainable Innovation At Zabo Plant, we are proud to partner with Bloomlily® to promote sustainable lily cultivation. Through state-of-the-art breeding techniques, extensive research, and innovative production methods, we are leading the way towards a more environmentally friendly floral industry. Our commitment to sustainability ensures that every Bloomlily® product helps pave the way for a greener future.

Consistent Quality and Supply With Zabo Plant’s expertise in export and Bloomlily®'s standard high-quality program, we guarantee consistent quality and supply. Our professional lily bulb growers ensure an annual provision of tissue culture, scales, and planting material. This reliability makes Bloomlily® the perfect choice for growers who demand dependable and top-quality lilies.

Proven Excellence Bloomlily® offers only the best and proven lily varieties, selected through rigorous testing and quality control. When you choose Bloomlily® bulbs from Zabo Plant, you are selecting lilies renowned for their exceptional beauty, resilience, and performance. Growers can trust in the quality and excellence that Bloomlily® and Zabo Plant deliver.

Bloomlily® Features

  • Innovative Breeding: Utilizing advanced breeding techniques to create superior lilies.
  • Sustainable Practices: Commitment to environmentally friendly production methods.
  • High-Quality Standards: Professional growers adhering to consistent quality assurance.
  • Reliable Supply: Annual provision of tissue culture, scales, and planting material.
  • Proven Varieties: Selection of only the best and most successful lily varieties.

Grow with Bloomlily®

Contact our dealers to start growing these wonderful lilies. Bloomlily® and Zabo Plant work together to bring you the finest lily bulbs, ensuring that each bloom reflects our shared commitment to quality, sustainability, and innovation.

For more information or to place an order, please visit our website or contact our dealers directly. Let Zabo Plant and Bloomlily® guide you into the future of lily growing with our unparalleled quality and innovative practices.