Pura Vida by Zabo Plant - Embrace the Double Floral Trend

In response to the growing trend of double floral flowers, Zabo Plant proudly presents the Pura Vida collection. This addition to our assortment features pollen-free double floral Asiatic potlilies with a short cultivation time. Created by local breeder Van Lierop, Pura Vida combines modern aesthetics with practical growing advantages, making it a delightful and resilient choice for growers and consumers alike.

Why Choose Pura Vida by Zabo Plant?

Double Floral Delight The Pura Vida collection stands out with its stunning double floral blooms. These Asiatic potlilies offer a unique visual appeal with their soft pastel colors, making them a modern and charming addition to any setting. The double flowers provide a fuller, more lush appearance, enhancing their overall attractiveness.

Pollen-Free Convenience One of the key benefits of Pura Vida potlilies is their pollen-free nature. This makes them ideal for indoor use, reducing the risk of pollen stains and allergies. Enjoy the beauty of these lilies without the inconvenience of pollen.

High Bud Count and Resilience Pura Vida potlilies are known for their high bud count, ensuring a prolific display of flowers. Their resilience in cultivation means they are easy to grow and maintain, making them a favorite among growers. The short cultivation time adds to their appeal, allowing for quicker turnover and fresh blooms.

Local Breeding Excellence Created by local breeder Van Lierop, the Pura Vida collection reflects the expertise and dedication of our region's best growers. This local touch ensures that each plant is bred with care and precision, resulting in superior quality and performance.

Features of Pura Vida by Zabo Plant

  • Double Floral Blooms: Stunning double flowers in soft pastel colors for a fuller appearance.
  • Pollen-Free: Ideal for indoor use, reducing pollen stains and allergies.
  • High Bud Count: Prolific display of flowers with a high bud count.
  • Resilient Cultivation: Easy to grow and maintain with a short cultivation time.
  • Local Expertise: Bred by local breeder Van Lierop, ensuring high quality and performance.

Grow with Pura Vida and Zabo Plant

The Pura Vida collection is a perfect addition to our assortment, offering modern, cute, and fun potlilies that are both beautiful and practical. With their double floral blooms and resilient nature, Pura Vida potlilies are here to stay.

For more information or to place an order, please visit our website or contact our team directly. Let Zabo Plant and the Pura Vida collection bring unmatched beauty and quality to your floral business.