Roselily Collection - The Pinnacle of Double-Flowering Lilies

Welcome to Zabo Plant, the exclusive exporter of the exquisite Roselily collection. Our mission is to breed the most beautiful double lilies in the world. At Roselily, we believe that only the very best double lilies deserve the Roselily name. Discover the beauty, elegance, and unique qualities of Roselily, a floral masterpiece that stands out in the world of lilies.

Why Choose Roselily?

Unparalleled Beauty Roselily is renowned for her stunning beauty. Each Roselily blooms with large, colorful buds and 100% double flowers, showcasing a mesmerizing array of petals that captivate any floral enthusiast. The rich and vibrant colors of Roselily make it a standout in any floral arrangement.

Pollen-Free Perfection One of the most remarkable features of Roselily is her pollen-free nature. Under normal circumstances, Roselily flowers are completely pollen-free, ensuring no messy pollen stains and no worries about allergies. This makes Roselily an ideal choice for anyone who loves lilies but is sensitive to pollen.

Delicate Fragrance Roselily offers a light, sweet fragrance that is pleasant and not overpowering. This gentle aroma adds a touch of elegance to any space without overwhelming the senses, making Roselily a perfect addition to homes, offices, and special occasions.

Extended Vase Life Roselilies boast an impressive vase life, lasting longer than single-flowering lilies. This ensures that your beautiful Roselily arrangement remains fresh and vibrant for an extended period, bringing continuous joy and beauty to your environment.

Increasing Lily Demand At Zabo Plant, we are dedicated to making Roselily an international brand of pollen-free, double-flowering lilies with a minimum number of petals of exceptional quality. Our commitment to breeding sweet and less fragrant lilies with longer vase lives is driven by our belief that Roselily can significantly increase the demand for lilies. Consumers often shy away from lilies due to their strong scent and pollen stains, but Roselily addresses these concerns, making it a preferred choice among flower enthusiasts.

Exquisite Assortment The unique selling points (USPs) of Roselily are most evident during the flowering stage. With at least double the amount of petals, a sweet fragrance, and excellent vase and pot life even with open flowers, Roselilies can be sold in an open stage, just like roses. The ongoing breeding of Roselily varieties continues to yield improvements in length, upward-facing flowers, and overall beauty. The upcoming selection of white Orientals is particularly promising, further enhancing the Roselily collection.

Experience Roselily with Zabo Plant As one of the exclusive exporters of the Roselily line, Zabo Plant is proud to offer these magnificent flowers to a global audience. Roselily is a natural product, and while it is predominantly pollen-free, there may be rare instances where pollen is produced. Embrace the elegance, beauty, and unique qualities of Roselily and let Zabo Plant bring the best of double-flowering lilies to your doorstep.

For more information or to place an order, please visit our website or contact us directly. Let Roselily transform your floral experience with unmatched elegance and beauty.