Prisma Gladiolen by Zabo Plant - From Bloom to Blossom

Since 2009, Prisma Gladiolen has been at the forefront of breeding and cultivating new Gladiolus varieties. Over the past 15 years, we have developed a diverse and vibrant collection of Gladiolus flowers, renowned for their stunning color combinations and robust qualities. In 2024, Zabo Plant proudly took over Prisma Gladiolen, encompassing all aspects of cultivation, breeding, and export. This acquisition positions us to create more competition in the Gladiolus market and continue the legacy of excellence established by Prisma.

Why Choose Prisma Gladiolen by Zabo Plant?

Innovative Breeding Our journey began 15 years ago with the passion and expertise of Hans, Jan, and Tinus, dedicated enthusiasts and experienced growers of Gladiolus. Hans's enthusiasm for hybridization has resulted in a wide and varied range of both large-flowered and small-flowered Gladiolus varieties. Our innovative breeding techniques ensure that our Gladiolus are as resilient as possible, making them easy to produce strong, beautiful blooms for flower producers.

Expert Cultivation and Testing Jan coordinates the cultivation of our new varieties, partnering with various growers for bulb production. These new breeds are extensively tested in the Netherlands, Poland, and Portugal to ensure their suitability and performance. Once proven, these new varieties are made available to our customers, guaranteeing quality and reliability.

Global Promotion and Sales Joeri van Klink now leads the promotion and sales of Prisma Gladiolen at Zabo Plant. By maintaining close contact with our customers and providing detailed information on the use and benefits of our Gladiolus, Joeri ensures that our flowers are well-represented and appreciated worldwide. His efforts help cultivate strong relationships with those who cherish Gladiolus.

Features of Prisma Gladiolen

  • Diverse Varieties: A broad range of large-flowered and small-flowered Gladiolus in stunning color combinations.
  • Resilient Breeds: Bred for maximum resistance and ease of production, ensuring robust and beautiful blooms.
  • Proven Quality: Extensive testing in multiple countries guarantees the suitability and performance of each variety.
  • Expert Support: Dedicated promotion and customer support ensure that you receive the best information and service.

Grow with Prisma Gladiolen and Zabo Plant

With the acquisition of Prisma Gladiolen, Zabo Plant is dedicated to enhancing the Gladiolus market by providing superior quality and a diverse range of Gladiolus varieties. Our comprehensive approach, from breeding to export, ensures that we meet the highest standards and create new opportunities for competition and growth in the industry.

For more information or to place an order, please visit our website or contact our team directly. Let Zabo Plant and Prisma Gladiolen bring unparalleled beauty and quality to your floral business.